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Raden Saleh (1811-1880)

"Raden Saleh Sjarif Boestaman (Arabic: رادين صالح شريف بوستامن‎ Rādīn Ṣāliḥ Šarīf Būstāman, Javanese: ꦫꦢꦺꦤ꧀ꦱꦭꦺꦃꦯ꦳ꦫꦶꦥ꦳꧀ꦨꦸꦱ꧀ꦠꦩꦤ꧀; EYD, EBI: Raden Saleh Syarif Bustaman; 1807 – 23 April 1880) was a pioneering Indonesian Romantic painter of Arab-Javanese ethnicity. He was considered to be the first "modern" artist from Indonesia (then Dutch East Indies), and his paintings corresponded with nineteenth-century romanticism which was popular in Europe at the time. He also expressed his cultural roots and inventiveness in his work." - ( 22.10.2019)

What we know


Friend Ernest II, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (1818-1893)


Traveller Dresden 02.09.1839
Traveller Frankfurt 1839
Traveller Düsseldorf 1839
Traveller Berlin 1839
Student Landscape art Andries Schelfhout (1787-1870) Kingdom of the Netherlands
Student Landscape art Johan Christian Dahl (1788-1857) Dresden
Student Cornelis Kruseman (1797-1857)

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Dresden13.7383604049682620051.04925918579101600Arrival at // Place of studiesdb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.0622
Frankfurt8.6797218322753900050.11360931396484400Place of staydb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.0622
Düsseldorf6.7723803520202640051.23114395141601600Place of staydb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.0622
Berlin13.4083328247070310052.51833343505859400Place of staydb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.0622
Kingdom of the Netherlands4.8833332061767580052.36666488647461000Place of studiesdb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.0622

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